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Simplify your life – 2 Gov’t requirements handled with 1 short visit

Personal Tax Preparation

We make it a priority to our clients to simplify their lives.

People can’t afford over priced poorly trained personal often offered at big box tax chains.

  • Highly Trained Registered Tax Return Professionals
  • Extensive training on schedule A, B, C, D, and E.
  • No payment out-of-pocket available
  • Lower cost than big box tax chains.

Health Insurance Specialist

individual and group – Are insurance professionals are top notch

They will assist you in picking the best plan for you and your family. We will assist in making sure your doctors are part of networks and your medicines are part of formulary. Beware of buying health policies by a enroller.

They will not maximize your possible tax credits and cost share subsidies. If you or a family member is soon turning 65 and have questions about Medicare benefits, services and options available, give our office a call or stop in for a visit. The level of skill and experience our professionals can provide will be a true blessing for you and your family. We have no qualms saying we have some of the best healthcare benefit professionals in the industry.

End-of-Life Legacy Assistance

  • Free Living Will
  • Discounted will and power of attorney document preparation
  • Funeral & Bereavement Assistance
  • Legacy planning and support
  • Guarantee & Simplified final expense benefits.